FAQ WordPress in English

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free available open source software based on PHP programming language and a MySQL database. WordPress is the “operating system” of the website and the content management system (CMS). CMS software provides website layout and document storage. Without technical knowledge, a user can insert, edit and publish plain text and illustrations on the web. The CMS automatically outputs the output. Separate WordPress Theme software determines the appearance, styling (design) of the site. I install and configure all necessary software on the server. The website is ready for use.

Why choose a WordPress website?

Simplicity, Flexibility, Publish with Ease, Publishing Tools, User Management, Media Management, Full Standards Compliance, Easy Theme System, Extend with Plugins, Built-in Comments, Search Engine Optimized, Multilingual, Easy Installation and Upgrades, Importers, Own Your Data, Freedom, Community and Contribute. And for the Developer Features.

  • for the above;
  • for low entry costs: no licensing fees, affordable design and low maintenance costs (a good value-for-money solution for small to medium-sized websites);
  • for the available documentation;
  • for the low learning curve: website owners can quickly start and do not have to spend anything / little;
  • because community volunteers and companies are constantly developing new functionality (plugins) and keeping WordPress up to date;
  • because its flexibility, functionality and user quality convinces.

Webhosting requirements?

  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
  • HTTPS support


Is WordPress flexible?

Yes, a WordPress website or blog is flexible with its plugin architecture and template (Theme) system in terms of design, functionality and security.

What is a plug-in?

A piece of script / software that adds additional functionality. I’ve tested some good, useful plugins and use few. For example anti-spam.

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress is the “invisible” software at the back of the website. The visible front is determined by a theme’s formatting code. This code controls the styling and navigation of the website. (Premium) Themes can be customized in a desired house style. A WordPress owner/user can change the Theme without losing the content of the website (texts, links and images in the CMS)!

How do I get a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes are offered for free as well as for a fee (premium). Themes can be downloaded on the WordPress site or on the Theme Builders sites. Premium Themes are often extensively customisable (by a web designer) in a desired look and feel: color and style. (A WordPress Theme can also be custom-built from scratch, but it requires precious time (design-coding testing) – and only happens for large businesses. Given the Thousands of Themes, there is a lot of affordable choices.

If we work together, I’m free in my WordPress Theme choice?

Yes, of course. We would like to add our knowledge and experience into selecting and adapting the best suited Theme. Incidentally, you are as free in webhosting as in your domain name choice. We inform and can advise.

Is WordPress widely used?

Yes, many websites run on WordPress because it’s so good. An estimated 40% of all websites.

Is WordPress search engine friendly?

Yes, because it generates permalinks and can be optimized for search engines and searchers.

Can WordPress be installed in several languages?

Yes, WordPress is available in many languages, including Dutch.

I already have a website but no WordPress, can I switch?

Yes, I have experience with conversion, migrating the content.

Is WordPress difficult?

No, the Dashboard is clear and the various components / tasks are intuitive. A novice WordPress user will not have a problem with basic usage, such as publishing a page or post. Maintaining and expanding WordPress requires knowledge, a study and / or a hands-on training.

Why do you recommend WordPress?

Because we think it is the best choice for a small to medium sized website. Good price value and technically always up to date software.

What does a WordPress website cost?

Well, such a question sounds like “what does a house, a car, a vacation cost”? Our questions should be: Where do you want to go, what’s the purpose, what are your wishes / requirements, who’s your audience, what can you do yourself and how is the site maintained? Our WordPress design and maintenance rates are both sharp and fair. We are keen to provide a solid affordable (expandable) website. In addition, we can say that WordPress software is free. For a license and for updates do not have to be paid. WordPress plugins are sometimes free of charge sometimes premium. For extras, advertising free or premium items often have to be paid, on an annual basis. More about WordPress costs.

What do not you like about WordPress?

The popularity of WordPress leads to a wide range of products / services and fringes, including sometimes unnecessary Plugins and Themes. Developers come and go. Not everything is good, evolves with WordPress updates, is maintenance-free and / or unlimited for free. Plugins can slow down a site and conflict with a Theme. So take serious consideration whether something really is needed. Always test if something adds significant useful functionality (usually a premium product).

What is included in website maintenance?

1 / Basic Maintenance, Updating WordPress Version, Theme, Plugins and Translations;
2 / Backup and clean up of database;
3 / Website content checks and improvements. Update or delete broken links. Moderate comments, delete spam. Optimize graphics and photos and keep content relevant and up-to-date;
4 / Periodic blood test test on health, speed and safety;
5 / Yearly check if Theme is up to date with the latest technology;
6 / Continue SEO Optimization and Improving Findability Enhancements;
7 / It is up to you to own a static online business card or an optimal website that is customer-friendly and customer-oriented. Outsource work if you choose the latter and can not do your own maintenance and website optimisation.

What is the lifespan of a WordPress website?

In principle, as long as WordPress exists and is being developed. The question is probably more specifically referred to as “how often do I need to renew”? Upgrade the Theme / design and engineering every 3-4 years. The technology evolves quickly and you must stay ahead of your competition and not fall behind due to an outdated website. Customers and prospects want to get quick and good responses to searches. Know that about 80% of purchase decisions are taken online and that good, attractive information, findability and mobile accessibility are essential. Show your added value in your website and continue working on SEO accessibility, customer involvement, and effectiveness.

“Mobile users are very goal-oriented. They expect to be able to get what they need, immediately, and on their own terms”. ‘Google ranks websites based on speed and relevance’.

SEO website optimisation, is it easy?

Yes and no. It requires indepth search analysis, strategic insight and a lot of time. There is a lot of information about SEO on the internet but it is not always understandable for a layman and often full of technical jargon. Where it comes down is this. Certain basic issues are simple and quick to realise. For example, reflectingon a proper page title and using good keywords (focus keywords). The challenge is to analyze customer search terms, apply the right keywords, write good SEO website copy, invest in good (intelligent) content marketing, and keep track of the latest Google algorithms, trends, and technical developments. Luckily helpful WordPress plugins are available and/or we can help with a basic content marketing training. Finally, if you have insight into SEO and find high rankability and ranking important (because your website is an investment in online marketing and findability and thus more than a static business card on the web, then you will eventually come up with this question : Can I do it all by myself or do I outsource tasks? An optimal website and high ranking require attention and maintenance.

If we can assist? Yes, as we have been working on websites and intranets daily since 2000. We have the skills and can assist in maintaining small and medium-sized websites.

Also read in English: http://wordpress.org/about/ http://wordpress.org/about/features/.
More about WordPress in English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress.
Buy a WordPress book. Indispensable as a reference for anyone who starts with a WordPress website.

More questions about WordPress? Please contact us. We are keen to help and inform.

p.s. p.s. You could see an advertisement / advertisement on this page because it is a free site …, provided by and hosted at wordpress.com. We use it as an additional site and for demonstration and training purposes.